Foodspirations® began before we were ready for social media.

Our story began as a simple way to connect, educate, and inspire clients to take the journey to a healthier life, one step at a time.

As people shared their personal challenges, nuggets of inspiration would be written as an email, creating a new Foodspirations.

There was nothing fancy about the start. There was no strategy or thought behind how things would evolve.

The only thing we knew is that people connected with and were responding to what was being shared.

In 2010, the first-holiday card, SAVOR, was born, and later we published "The Little Black Book of Foodspirations®."

Each year we have continued to create and release a new word and card of the year.

When we felt stuck or wondering if we should keep going, you came around, asking for more.

You kept us going when we didn't know where we were headed.

What we did know was that these words were speaking to people.

Professionals such as dietitians, health coaches, social workers, therapists, and trainers asked to share Foodspirations with their clients.

Support from family, friends, and mentors was fuel to our tank, when we questioned, is this worth it, you gave us the nudge we needed.

And our clients are the ones who ultimately kept us going. Seeing the peace and comfort a simple word like BELIEVE or PEACE could bring someone made us know we could not give up.

Nine years later, here we are.

New site. New logo. Unique designs. New printing partner.

Still us.

At the beginning of 2019, we set a goal to launch a site that was authentic to our core values, but also functional. We knew we needed to share not only who we were, but also how our products can be used both professionally and personally.

We couldn't be more excited to begin this new journey with you.

At Foodspirations, we offer products that can be either purchased as is or branded for your business to be shared with your clients.

While we have made some pretty bold changes, we promise the fundamental principle of people connecting with people, is still what us to create and share with you.

As you come to the end of this post, you might be wondering who is the "us" referring to?

It's me, the founder, Yvette Perrier Quantz, along with you, and your stories, that have inspired the words and designs of Foodspirations.

We created this together.

We we can't do this alone.