10 Tips To Conquer the Holidays

10 Tips To Conquer the Holidays

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10 Tips on Conquering the Holidays

(without Packing on the Pounds)

1. Be a food snob. Choose to eat what you only REALLY enjoy!

2. Make your workout efficient and be consistent. If you only have 20-30 minutes to get something done, then make it effective by doing intervals and changing up the intensity.

3. include a fruit or vegetable serving at every snack or meal.

4. Skip sugary alcoholic beverages and fancy coffee drinks.

5. Serve yourself off a mini-sized plate.

6. Avoid going to a holiday party or meal starving, eat something small before you go to help ward off hunger.

7. Avoid sitting or socializing near buffet tables, candy dishes, and cookie platters.

8. Excuse yourself from the table when you are finished eating.

9. Keep gum and sugarless breath mints on hand to help prevent mindless nibbling.

10. Enjoy club soda or sparkling water before/instead of a cocktail to limit alcohol consumption.

Happy Holidays

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