Set of cards with envelopes, customized with business name and logo.

Inspired by my teenage self.

Written for all humans, no matter age, shape, gender, or race as a reminder to be thankful for the body that moves us and food that fuels us.

I wish my younger self would’ve understood this.

I wish she did not spend so much time hating herself, trying to change how she was designed, and never feeling good enough.

I wish she would have learned to thank her body for ALL that it could do.

But had she never learned the importance of self-love and gratitude she would not be sharing this message today.

One she knows many people are still trying to learn.

If you are struggling with body image and self-worth, start here. Start by countering every negative thought with something you are thankful for.

When we learn to be thankful for all that we do have we then began to see the beauty in all we’ve been given, and that is where the magic begins 💫💫💫

Holiday line of cards are designed to be customized for nutrition, health, and wellness professionals with signature and logo

There is nothing like receiving a beautiful printed card in the mail.

With your purchase of a Foodspiration card, we will customize the card with your:

  • business logo
  • contact information
  • signature
5x7 ersonalized cards with envelopes.

 Standard shipping is 7 - 10 business days. 

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