REFINE 10 Week On-line Coaching Program


Week 1: REFINE® Your Foundation for Success

Week 2: REFINE® Movement and Exercise

Week 3: REFINE® The Balance in Your Menus: Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats

Week 4: REFINE® Mindless Eating and Embrace Mindful Eating

Week 5: REFINE® The Clutter in Your Life

Week 6: REFINE® The Preparation Process in the Kitchen (and other areas of life)

Week 7: REFINE® Yes and No Response to Food and Self-Care

Week 8: REFINE® Your Eating Awareness

Week 9: REFINE® The Thought Processes and Self-Talk

Week 10: Your Turn to REFINE®

Bonus: REFINE® The Momentum to Keep Moving Forward

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